Learning to give more – not just in December

It’s so easy to press people’s buttons. We could choose to do something different, like offering praise, a donation … or just love. (Photo credit: Chainat  | Dreamstime.com)

Sure, I give presents to friends and family this month – and I make annual donations to my list of nonprofits. That’s not enough.

I have a buddy who owns a restaurant. He’s a giver. For him it’s a way of life: a free meal here, a bottle of wine there, a ride to the airport, a van load of desserts for your nonprofit’s fundraiser.

I know others thrive with more love and praise. Every day, I read about good causes that need more funding. I’m going to try showing more appreciation. Starting now – with you: Thanks for reading The Arkansas 100.

Chris Schroder, The 100 Companies