How to respond to a breaking news situation

Business Public Relations
Betsie Gambel, founder of Gambel Communications, shares her tips on how best to navigate client communications around a breaking news story. 

When news hit that Roe v. Wade was overturned, our PR firm took action. This monumental decision had relevance to some of our social services clients. Given the circumstances, we implemented these steps: 

• Assess which clients were central to the Supreme Court decision

• Determine if responding would advance the mission of the organization

• Be timely

• Identify spokesperson

• Draft messaging for approval

• Focus on the solution based on expected impact

• Distribute message to key media and internal audiences

• Provide a call to action/helpline 

• Monitor results

Be mindful that responding must be authentic and not simply adding a voice to the dialogue.

Betsie Gambel, Gambel Communications, The New Orleans 100